Called To Give

Brad’s Foote-Notes                                                                11th November 2012

Called to Give 

Welcome to Ashmore Uniting Church where we seek to express our Christian faith through the vision of being a loving church, focused on the Gospel of Christ: by 

  • Reaching out
  • Meeting needs
  • Equipping people for service

We have a motto that says:  “reaching out, changing lives”

Today is the last of our Vision & Values Workshops.  I’d encourage you to stay after the service, from 10.30 – 12 midday.  If you can stay for Lunch, that’d be great too.  This will enable as broad a contribution as possible to be obtained from the worshipping congregation.  Dr Jill Gray will facilitate our time together and I’d like to thank her for the time and effort that she’s given to us in this review process.

Last week’s theme of “Love, Love, Love” – Love God, Love neighbor, love self, struck a chord with quite a number of people and I hope that the faith values that we have as a congregation will be enhanced by what we’ve learned from Mark 12:28-34.  Jesus said to the religious leader in response to their dialogue:- “You are not far from the Kingdom of God”  (Mark 12:34).  May we too live in the reign of God as God’s Spirit works in our lives as a Christian Community.

These are Values:

Welcoming –  friendship
Authentic – worship
Empowering – leadership
Spirit-led –  serving
Creative – outreach
Transforming  –  people

These are our churches Faith Goals:

Welcome people of all ages and backgrounds into a caring Christian community

  1. Invite people into relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage active participation in the life of the church
  2. Support and nurture people to know, understand and become more like Christ
  3. Worship God faithfully through celebration, prayer, and study of the Bible
  4. Teach, encourage and empower people to use their gifts and     resources for ministry
  5. Call, equip and support Christians to be leaders in the church and in the community
  6. Take Christ’s message of hope, acceptance and new life into the community through word and action

What role can you play in bringing God’s Kingdom values into the Church and community that we are part of?

May you find more of God’s vision and values for your life…this week.

Rev Brad Foote

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