Vision & Values 3

Brad’s Foote-Notes                                                                                       14 October 2012

Vision and Values 3

Welcome to worship today.  It’s great to be back with you after a wonderful relaxing holiday with Cheryl and some of our children in Yamba.  I’d like to thank all those who took leadership responsibilities for our services over the past three weeks.  It’s great to be part of a congregation that is so blessed with people who are willing to respond to being involved in the life, faith and witness of the church both in worship and in service.

Today is another important day in the life of our congregation as we come to the last of our three congregational workshops as part of our 5 year review.  Our facilitator, Dr. Jill Gray has given us the opportunity to look back, to dream about possibilities and today Marty & I will guide us through the last part of the congregational phase of this process.  Our later step will be to identify the obstacles that we must overcome if we are to attain our vision.  Please stay after the service and participate in our visioning from 10.30 to midday followed by a shared lunch in the atrium.

While I was on holidays I came across this article by Megan Walker in The Courier Mail.  Although this article is speaking from a business/organizational/worldly perspective, it has many hallmarks that can and should be applied to our own congregational/church setting.  In my Sermon, I will expand these principles with a biblical perspective that should encourage us as disciples of Jesus in our journey of faith here at Ashmore Uniting Church, where we called to be reaching out, changing lives.

Potential customers need to see vision. (Article by Megan Walker in Courier Mail 1/10/12. p.25)

“Does your company have a vision?  Do you know where you are going?  How about your employees – do they know what your business wants to achieve in five year’s time?

A good mission statement should communicate, “what you do” and a good vision statement should illustrate “what your company hopes to become” and “where it wishes to go”.

Surprisingly, many organisations either don’t have a vision statement or, if they do, they underestimate its importance.  Your vision should guide your research and development, service, marketing and sales teams to harness business opportunities and communicate why a client should purchase from you.

Without a vision, effective business planning becomes unclear and you and your team can lose sight of where you are headed.  Without the destination, how can you plan the journey?

Virgin and Apple have some of the worlds best vision statements:

“I believe that in the future we will be able to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lifestyles whilst minimizing the negative impact we have on the world” – Richard Branson, Virgin Active.

An Apple on every desk” – Steve Jobs, Apple.

Keep your vision statement well and alive by sharing it with all employees, clients and key contacts.  Give it a physical presence (Office walls, stationary, website, etc) so people can be reminded and inspired by it.”

Here at Ashmore Uniting Church we have a great Mission and Vision Statement. It is included in today’s Bulletin.  Please put it in a prominent place at home or in your Bible as a reminder of your involvement and participation in this Church.  But it is of no worth or value unless we “live it out”.

As your minister, I invite every one of us as a community to share the dream and live out the vision to be:

a loving church, focused on the Gospel of Christ:

  • Reaching out
  • Meeting needs
  • Equipping people for service

Let’s live out our motto of reaching out, changing lives on a daily basis

And may you also find yourself changed by Christ …..this week…..Rev. Brad Foote

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