The Power of Give

Introduction of Supply Minister

Klasina and I are pleased to be ministering with you at Ashmore Uniting Church through to the end of April. Our brief history includes; married with a son and a daughter, a daughter-in-law and one little granddaughter. I conducted 34 years of ordained ministry, retiring in 2008 after completing 12 years at Southport Uniting Church.

Leading up to and during the recent Christmas Season, the retail store Myer chose and promoted their theme “The Power of Give”. Reflecting on this theme, I have decided to focus on “Power” in our lives leading us into Lent and Easter.

This theme will include “The Power of the Gospel” on Australia Day, Sunday 26th January and “The Power of Love” to coincide with St Valentine’s Day in February. Other titles are “The Power of Touch”, “The Power of Words”, “The Power of Belief”, “The Power of the Holy Spirit” and the “Power of One”

Each week I will seek to give a brief outline of the particular Sermon in this Ministers Column.

Today we will expand on the “Power of Give”

Gratitude;   generosity

Invitation;   inspiration

Voluntary;   validation

Enriching;   eternally

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