The Power of Words

Words have enormous creative power- the power to bring into existence what does not yet exist. God created the world with Words. In the beginning God said “Let there be light, water, plants and people” and they were created and God was pleased.

Words can create or destroy; encourage or discourage; build up or tear down. We need to determine what we will do with the words we hear, words we say and words we think.

  • Words we hear. We can either dismiss them before they take root in us, or digest them deep into us where we allow them to mould us. We cannot always avoid the words we hear, but we can always choose what we will do with them. We need to weed out words we want to dismiss and work on the words we want to use to change our lives and the world for the better.
  • Words we say. These have the power to hurt or to help people. The Bible challenges us to “speak the truth in love” not be judgmental, critical, unkind, blaming or condemning, but inspiring, affirming, encouraging and challenging. Positive words spoken in love will greatly enrich and empower your own life and the lives of those who hear those words from you.
  • Words we think. The Bible states “As a person thinks in their heart so they are in their lives” The words we think about ourselves, our self-talk, determine the shape of our self-image and future. The words we think about in relationship to others will find expression in our attitude and actions which will either hurt or help them. “Think on those things that are true, noble, right, pure, excellent and praiseworthy” and you will have and express life abundant.


The Power of Love

Thank God for St Valentine   

Saint Valentine was a bishop of Rome in the early church. He was noted for his great love for everyone especially for families and for children who were poor, sick or crippled.

During a Roman persecution of Christians, Valentine was jailed for lovingly assisting and protecting persecuted Christians, and he became a Christian martyr when the Romans beheaded him on the 14th February AD 296. His execution took place on Palatine Hill at the site of an ancient altar to Juno the Roman Goddess of women and marriage. Two hundred years later the church combined the life of Saint Valentine’s Christian love with the pagan celebration of Woman and Marriage, highlighting that Jesus fulfills the truth that love is the central ingredient in all our relationships. Through St Valentine, the Church teaches that:

Love gives     Value
Love shows   Appreciation
Love enjoys   Laughter
Love is           Extravagant
Love is           Trusting
Love is           Intimate
Love is           Noble
Love is           Eternal



The Power of Belief

Belief Builds Boldness that Boosts our Best

The best in us today is the result of what we believed strong enough in our past to pursue. The bible assures us, “To all who believe in Jesus and who receive Jesus into their lives, God gives the power to become God’s children.”

To create a life that is constructive, compassionate, compelling and credible:

  1.  Have belief in your God—who created you; who cares for you; who challenges, comforts and changes you; and who charges you with his Power to be his person.
  2.  Have belief in your Given self—we are each given a unique life with special gifts, interests, abilities and skills. When we believe in our God-given self we need not allow what we don’t have prevent us from developing and celebrating what we do have.
  3.  Have belief in your Goals— The bible challenges us, “Live a life that measures up to God’s standard” If our goals will glorify God and be a blessing to people, then believe in them and go for them.
  4.  Have a belief in your Go —Activity generates energy and active enthusiasm generates endless energy. The word “enthusiasm” is formed from two words- “en” meaning “in “ or “into” and “theos” meaning God. Enthusiasm comes from “being in God” Have belief in your “Go” as God’s Power at work within you can make all things possible.

Blessings                                                                                                                     Robert

The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

Touch has the Power to hurt or to heal, to harm or to help.

While touch is an essential ingredient for a wholesome human life, appropriate healthy, helpful, healing touch is often costly, eg Jesus experienced that power had gone out of him when a woman was healed by touch that occurred between herself and Jesus.

In today’s society where so often all touch is interpreted as sexual; and when people are concerned about litigation from touch; and in which many people have been deeply hurt by inappropriate touch– we need to reclaim “Touch” as a positive, powerful contribution to health, happiness, hope and healing.

This morning in the service we will highlight the “Power of Touch” under these headings.

  1. Touch has the Power to Hurt— before touching consider you motivation and the other persons interpretation and avoid touching that has the power to hurt.
  2. Touch has the Power for Happiness—use your hands to make someone happy today.
  3. Touch has the Power for Health and Healing— especially hug your family—four hugs a day help us work, rest and play.
  4. Touch has the Power for Hope—positive encouragement come from helpful engagement—we need each other.