The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

Touch has the Power to hurt or to heal, to harm or to help.

While touch is an essential ingredient for a wholesome human life, appropriate healthy, helpful, healing touch is often costly, eg Jesus experienced that power had gone out of him when a woman was healed by touch that occurred between herself and Jesus.

In today’s society where so often all touch is interpreted as sexual; and when people are concerned about litigation from touch; and in which many people have been deeply hurt by inappropriate touch– we need to reclaim “Touch” as a positive, powerful contribution to health, happiness, hope and healing.

This morning in the service we will highlight the “Power of Touch” under these headings.

  1. Touch has the Power to Hurt— before touching consider you motivation and the other persons interpretation and avoid touching that has the power to hurt.
  2. Touch has the Power for Happiness—use your hands to make someone happy today.
  3. Touch has the Power for Health and Healing— especially hug your family—four hugs a day help us work, rest and play.
  4. Touch has the Power for Hope—positive encouragement come from helpful engagement—we need each other.



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