The Power of Love

Thank God for St Valentine   

Saint Valentine was a bishop of Rome in the early church. He was noted for his great love for everyone especially for families and for children who were poor, sick or crippled.

During a Roman persecution of Christians, Valentine was jailed for lovingly assisting and protecting persecuted Christians, and he became a Christian martyr when the Romans beheaded him on the 14th February AD 296. His execution took place on Palatine Hill at the site of an ancient altar to Juno the Roman Goddess of women and marriage. Two hundred years later the church combined the life of Saint Valentine’s Christian love with the pagan celebration of Woman and Marriage, highlighting that Jesus fulfills the truth that love is the central ingredient in all our relationships. Through St Valentine, the Church teaches that:

Love gives     Value
Love shows   Appreciation
Love enjoys   Laughter
Love is           Extravagant
Love is           Trusting
Love is           Intimate
Love is           Noble
Love is           Eternal



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