Jesus was tempted in every way as we are yet he did not sin, but rather he was strengthened.

The Cause of Temptation is our desire to gain a short-cut to perceived success. Temptation presents a picture that promises to produce instant pleasure, profit, power or position without pain to oneself and without regard for the impact on others.

The Consequences of Temptations can be                                                         either:   deep disappointment with oneself; devaluation of other people; and division from peace with God – when we allow temptation to defeat us.                                                                                                                                             or:        temptation can strengthen our character; enable us to be empathetic and supportive to other people; and give us satisfaction in our relationship with God- when we positively resist temptation.

The Cure when we are defeated by Temptation is forgiveness that only God can give through our faith in Jesus Christ. David the Psalmist and sinner said, “Lord, when I did not confess my sins, I was worn out and completely drained as moisture is dried up by the summer heat. But when I confessed my sins to you Lord, and did not conceal my wrong doings – you forgave all my sins and set me free” (Psalm 32:4+5)

The Conquest of Temptation comes from our continuous growing relationship with God; understanding of his word; and trust in the Spirit of Jesus to support and strengthen us.

The Challenge of Temptation is to perceive which Temptation to resist and which Temptation to enlist. Not all temptation is bad. In this Lenten Season be tempted to trust God more; to believe God’s word; to be more loving, forgiving, helpful and patient. Be tempted to pray more and to seek to be more like Jesus.


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