A New Birth

We each have been born of human parents, and we each have been born “to believe in God” We know that people in every tribe, culture and civilization express a belief in God – a belief in something or someone beyond ourselves.

We each are born to believe in God- and we do. However, there is a world of difference between, “I believe in God “and “I believe God”.

“I believe in God is simply my acknowledgment that God exists- there is no necessity for my response or action or connection.

“I believe God” is strongly my declaration that I personally know God, trust God, am responsible to God and that I actively seek to love and serve God. “I believe in God” can be a benign, neutral, harmless statement. “I believe God” is filled with active trust, change, service and obedience, as well as a dynamic growing relationship with God.

To move from “I believe in God “to “I believe God” requires a new birth, a new beginning, a new relationship.

Jesus says “We are born physically of human parents, we must be born again spiritually of the Spirit of God. “

How does this new birth happen?

  1. We ask God’s Spirit to enable us “to believe in Jesus Christ” as God’s son and our Saviour.
  2. We allow God’s Spirit to enable us “to believe Jesus Christ”- that he will lead, guide, change and use us in ways that honour God, bless others and enrich ourselves


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