Reaching The Right Result

“Delegation does not mean giving someone a task to perform, but giving them a result to achieve”.

God the Father delegated to Jesus, His Son, the responsibility of drawing all people back to God. In seeking to achieve that result Jesus approached different people with different methods. When Jesus met with Nicodemus, who was a highly educated religious leader, Jesus came straight to the point, “You must be born again of the Spirit of God” – and so ensured a deep theological discussion.

When Jesus met with the outcast Samaritan woman at the well, a whole different method was required if He was to achieve the result of drawing this woman back to God. So, beginning with the secular topic of water, Jesus gradually led this woman to the ‘water of eternal life’.

Only when we start where people are, are we are likely to lead them to where they may need to be.

  1. With the woman at the well Jesus used six slow steps to achieve the result of drawing her back to God.
  2. Jesus took the first step. He stepped into her world and waited for her to come
  3. Jesus offered to share in her life’s activity – “Please give me a drink of the water you are drawing.”
  4. Jesus followed the woman’s lead in the conversation that ensued.
    When the time and trust was right Jesus led into a deeper conversation about God and the water of eternal life.
  5. Jesus allowed the woman to raise questions about eternal life and so He drew her closer to God.
  6. Jesus led by following the woman in her questions and doubts, her confession and concerns, her ducking and weaving until she discovered “This is the Messiah, this is the Saviour who knows all about me and still loves me enough to connect me to God”


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