The Good Shepherd

The 23rd Psalm is undoubtedly the best known song in the Bible – maybe in the world.

The writer of Psalm 23 is David:

  • David who as a young boy defeated the giant Goliath
  • David the shepherd boy who cared for the sheep
  • David the adulterer with Bathsheba and the murderer of her husband
  • David who suffered the death of his first child
  • David who wrote poetry to express his struggles, sins and salvation
  • David who could praise God from the mountain tops and scream at God from the valleys of despair
  • David who wrote songs and sang them to Kings
  • David who became Israel’s best loved King

Out of David’s life came:

  • Celebration as well as crying
  • Success as well as struggle
  • Faith as well as failure
  • Sin as well as salvation

Out of a life in so many ways similar to ours, David wrote the 23rd Psalm which Jesus later identified to his own life when he said “I am the Good Shepherd”.


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