You Shall Receive Power when The Holy Spirit Comes Upon You

In the Bible readings set for the Churches today Jesus promises:

“You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses in your home and suburb and to the ends of the earth” Jesus also prays to God his father that “His followers may be one so that the world may know that God sent Jesus.  Communion is one of the most precious occasions when we are open afresh to the power of the Holy Spirit as we are bonded together as the friends of Jesus.

“Communion” consists of the prefix “com” meaning “with or together” and “union” is the result of “uniting, combining or joining”. We may interpret “Communion” as “Come-Union”. In eating and drinking in remembrance of Jesus we are coming into union with God, with others and with ourselves. “Remembering” is putting Jesus together again in our lives to make us one.

Today we are reminded through “Come-Union” that we are Connectable Creatures – connecting with God and others Correctable Creatures – being changed into the character of Christ Collectable Creatures – being attracted to other followers of Christ so that we may build one another up, in love for Christ and service to the world.