On His Majesty’s Service

Have you seen any James Bond movie…007…MI6 agent, who has gone through several transformations; not as many a Dr Who, but all the same, some of the actors who have played the role have enjoyed greater success than others.
You’ve guessed by now that I’m something of a movie buff…and the reality is that I have worked in ministry for the last 32 years and in that time I often had only one real day off a week and mostly it wasn’t weekends. So, you look for outlets that take you away from church work – you find little escapes where you can just switch off and find some relaxation.
I like the Sean Connery portray the most – although Daniel Craig’s three instalments have been action packed as well. Bond is a secret agent – and there are times when I wonder, whether as Christians, we act like secret agents too! Maybe not with all the fast cars, beautiful women or amazing gadgets; but in the sense that we are on a Mission from God – on His Majesty’s Service!
Last week I talked about using the resources (talents) God has given us for his purposes and if we don’t use the resources, (or at least try), we will lose them. Most of us have connections out in the wider community – some are intentionally and unashamedly ministry orientated, like Playgroup and Kids Hope Oz, Kid’s Fun Days, Op Shop and RE in Schools. But others are less public – are connections through relationships with family or friends; through clubs and organisations – but if you are there knowing that you are representing the King – then even the quiet things you do in Jesus name – bring glory to God and promote the kingdom
Many of us make choices with our time because we are motivated to follow the example of Jesus – to care for the needy and to bring good news to the people most open to hear. Yet, we live in a time poor society – and we are often so busy chasing after things that we often miss out on really being fulfilled.
So here’s the question; Do you feel really fulfilled and satisfied in all the things that you are doing at the moment? Or, are you stressed by the things you are trying to do in Jesus’ name? So today, let’s take a deep breath, pause for a moment and have a heart check. Let’s take time to reflect and refocus – because the gospel is built on relationships – not on working. We are not trying to earn God’s favour – we need to do what we do out of love for our King and in obedience to Him – not out of any sense of reward, but out of love and gratitude for what Jesus has already done.

God bless,

Tim Winslade

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