Who is my Neighbour?

Who is my neighbour?


The Parable of the Good Samaritan has all the makings of a good story: conflict, bandits, plot twists, an unlikely central figure (the Samaritan as the hero), and a call to action. It draws its audience in and invites us to be a part of the action of the story, beginning when we first encounter the man who had been robbed beaten up and stripped.

However, why was the Samaritan used as the loving neighbour in the parable? The “hated” Samaritans were considered enemies and the Jews believed that to offer friendship and love to people of different faith was to affirm their false beliefs.

How do you really love your neighbour? The answer is in the sermon today. Showing this unconditional love, as demonstrated by Jesus, isn’t always easy. We first need to understand who our neighbour is and then ask the question: “If you were in their situation how would you want to be treated?”

Once you’ve identified your preferred treatment, then go and do the same for others, especially those that we personally find difficult to love. When we do this, Jesus says, we are not far from the Kingdom and heart of God. (Mark 12:34).

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