Loving God

Loving God

Today we have a cooperative service with our brothers and sisters from YWAM. The theme is God’s love for all children of God, whether they as young, older, male, female, of different culture or ethnicity, and whatever gifts and abilities they use in service of the Lord. We will consider the Gospel account of the prodigal son, who made a poor choice, but afterwards returned to the Father and was surrounded by his love.

Next, will look at a clip from “Eddie the Eagle” about Michael Edwards, a British plasterer turned ski jumper, who made a name for himself at the Winter Olympics in Calgary. He did this by being brave, couragous, and daring, through his faith in and inspiration from his coach and mentor, although some considered Eddie to be short on talent.

All of us have times in the journey of our lives when we experience difficulties, some of our own making and some in response to how we are treated by another person. How do we respond to these difficulties? How do people who live through faith in Christ respond to roadblocks and immense difficulties that they might encounter in their journey through life? What helps us to cope with challenges?

Today we will hear from some of our brothers and sisters from YWAM about what sustains them during their lives of faith, service and inclusivity. Thanks to all members of our family for sharing with us today.

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