Jesus’ farewell discussion, which commences in John 13, consists of discussions of honest questions, which sound like many of the things about which we wonder today. In John14.1-14, Thomas and Phillip ask Jesus great questions, and Jesus attempts to reassure his disciples as he answers these questions.  Even though we call him doubting Thomas, his questioning suggests that he has very well-developed thinking skills.

At The Church of the Good Shepherd today, it is interesting to us that the disciples wondered, since Jesus was leaving, who would be the shepherd who knows the names of his sheep, protects, and provides what is needed? However, Jesus said, “Don’t worry. Trust God and trust me”. Jesus commands that the disciples’ hearts not be troubled, but they should replace being troubled with belief or trust. Therefore, Jesus begins with reassurance. Although they were seeking consolation, both Thomas and Philip continue to be troubled. Do we worry too much today rather than living through faith?

What effect does absolute faith and trust have on who we are and our relationships with other people? A short film clip from “Les Miserables” will start us thinking about how showing kindness, love, faith and trust in a person can completely change that person. “Les Miserables” is the story of Jean Valijean, who at a time of civil unrest in France, was imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. After his release from prison, a bishop shows him kindness, faith and trust that he would become an honest man and live a good life. Jean eventually experienced the peace of a life lived through faith, love and forgiveness.

I hope that you have a week full of blessings,


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