There are times in my life (lots of them) when I think God must be shaking His head in dismay at the situations I get myself into.
There are many times that I wish I was a better Christian ~ that I was more like JESUS.

But I seem to mess up more than get it right.
But one thing I have discovered is that God really likes me.
From an early age my favourite subject at primary school was ‘Scripture’ (That’s what RE was called in NSW)

There was an old husband and wife who came to our school to provide the lessons each week and I was drawn in.
I enjoyed the stories especially the flannel graphs and even memorised John 3:16

But that’s as far as it went until one Sunday my Father said, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of your cheek. Next Sunday you are going to Sunday School”
My goodness I’d done it now.
Fortunately my grandmother had just moved out to our area and she was going to a church a bit from us and that kept me from going up the road where I had already caused a ruckus.

Strangely, the next Sunday we went to this new church for Sunday School and would you believe, I liked it.

A new family also started at that church that Sunday and they began to take me under their wing

A few years later they encouraged me to go on a kids camp and and I went not knowing anyone.

But my tent leader, who was preparing to go as a missionary to Pakistan, took me under his wing and before the week was out, I had invited JESUS into my life.

And that’s where the war began ~ the struggle between God and my new life and me and my old life.

I have to say the war continues.
But and here’s the thing: God still loves me with a passion.
And none of the messes I make causes Him to change His mind
I asked God once why He had put His hand on me and He said, “You were baptised”

The story continues ………Rev Ron French

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