There’s something about flavour
It sets your taste buds a tingling
And, of course there is flavour that is sweet or desserty, and flavour that is savoury.
And salt fits into the last category
One might argue that it was the original flavour.
It was also the original refrigerator (of sorts)
Before the advent of such a luxury, people salted their meat to keep it as fresh as they could.
In calling us to be salt, JESUS is not asking us to be a preservative or a substitute to the refrigerator.
Rather He is inviting us to show by the way we live that JESUS is worth living for.
In the part of the chapter we read last week (Matthew 5: 1-12) JESUS spells out the attributes of the One who loves us all
And He calls us to follow Him (not just down the road) but by displaying those same attributes
When you mix salt and light together, you have a real dynamo, and these two things in us allows people to see JESUS in us
And that will draw them to want JESUS in their lives too.
Talking about JESUS is one thing.
Living a life that shows JESUS to the world is another and much harder thing to do.
But it can be done, when we call on God to help us.
And He will
Well, God bless you,

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