Salt and Light!

Two very important ingredients in the world today but not just for today but for years and years passed
We have relied upon them heavily
But, as years have passed, many have decided that salt is not that important, and, in fact, it may be harmful, so many have reduced their intake of this commodity.
Anyway, one of the major uses for salt ~ preserving ~ has been taken over by the refrigerator.
Meantime light has become more and more important.
Billions of dollars have been spent on making light better ….. not just so we can see better, but because advertisers can sweet talk you into buying what they are advertising.
Mmm, sounds heavy
BUT what does it mean when JESUS says, “YOU are the salt of the earth, and YOU are the light of the world.”

Most of us have taken this to actually say God wants you to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.
But that’s not what JESUS said.
So, take away salt and remove light from our existence and instead YOU be the salt and YOU be the light.

What would that look like, you think?
That should get your thoughts a moving.
Maybe that might start up a discussion over morning tea
God bless you

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