Who is God like

Who Is God Like?

Ever asked yourself that question?
Yeah, we know God is kind and compassionate and all that, but is there anyone we can compare Him with, so that we might be able to get our minds around it.
I mean, God is so big.
And, He is perfect in every way
He’s just not like any other human

And there you have it.
Do you ever notice that when you think of God you tend to think of Him in human terms?
Oh yes, we are always asking God for miracles but we need to jump start our minds when we do that.
Because, when things get tough for us, we tend not to think about God being able to help.
We just have to help ourselves.
Yep, sure is.
You see, there is just not anyone we know, like God
So it’s hard to see who God is like when you cannot see someone ‘in the flesh’ who acts like God.
I suppose this is where FAITH comes in.
The bottom line is that God is like someone we have never ever seen before
AND He is not human.
He doesn’t make mistakes
AND He doesn’t act like one of us
He is so much more or above what we perceive humans to be
So there is no one to compare God with.
And that is the crux of the problem fo us.
To trust in someone you just cannot get your head around is not easy.
Someone once said, to understand God, you need to disengage your brain and just trust Him, and then you will see God for who He truly is.
God bless you


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