To some the answer is a no brainer.
He is the Son of God.
But what does that mean?
I mean, how did God get a son?
Especially when you consider that scripture tells us that JESUS is also God.
How can JESUS be the son of God and God as well?
How did the early church come up with this thing that we call Trinity ~ that God is three persons yet one.
As I have said a few times since I have been here, we tend to see JESUS as being human.
AND we also seem to treat God the Father as being human too.
I mean, that is understandable, considering we have no other benchmark.
We only know and see humans.
But and here’s the thing: JESUS was a ‘being’ before he became human.
Scripture tells us He was there at the creation.
In John’s terms, He was the Word who became flesh.
And as Paul writes, he emptied Himself of His divinity in order to become fully human with us
This period of Lent in the Christian year helps us stop and take in just who is JESUS, and our reading this morning, gives us a glimpse of just who He is.
Of course, to fully understand who JESUS is, you need to have faith (which I will talk about next Sunday).
Faith is not something you do.
It is not a verb.
it is a noun, which means it is something you receive and take hold of.
As you lean into Lent and ponder these things you will discover the hope of the nations, and discover as well the love that the Father has for you.

God bless you

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