Now That We Have Worked Out Who JESUS Is . . .

Now that we have worked out who JESUS is, you would think everything would get a little easier.
And by everything, I simply mean, trusting and following Him and having faith.
But that doesn’t seem to be the way things work out.
Take Peter for instance.
On two occasions he recognised JESUS to be the Son of God ….first when JESUS asked them all who they thought He was, and Peter answered that He was the Son of God.
And then on the Mount of transfiguration, He sees JESUS for who He really is.
You would think that is all Peter needed to be strong in his faith.
AND SO, on the night JESUS was betrayed, Peter took with him a sword, and went out into the Garden and when trouble came, Peter was the first to attack.
BUT what Peter was unprepared for was Jesus’ intentions, and when JESUS told him to put his sword away, he was lost and so he ran.
Later that night, still filled with confusion and uncertainty, Peter denied three times that he knew JESUS.
So much for learning something Peter.
You see, JESUS doesn’t need rescuing.
JESUS doesn’t need someone to stand up for Him
He wants us to be followers.
People, who will see what He is doing, and fall in behind, not running off in front.
And so, here’s the thing: JESUS doesn’t always do what we expect.
He sees things differently and He invites us to watch and follow.
Sometimes that is harder to do than doing.
But like Peter, when you get on God’s wave length it is wonderful.
God bless you as you seek to follow.

God Bless

Ron French

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