Blind Freddy

Blind Freddy is the one who knows it all ~ even before it began, he knew.
It is amazing that someone could know what would happen before it did.
It is amazing that someone could recognise the faults in a decision even before they were enacted
It’s amazing!
And for many, that is how they see what God is doing.
They know what God would do.
“Blind Freddy” could tell you what would happen.
But what if the opposite happens
What if some thing happens that you are not prepared for.
Take the corona virus for instance.
None of us were prepared for this
And I, for one, was not prepared for this day, this day that we have church, without actually meeting together.It’s different and it’s strange because we are not used to it.
They tell us nothing like this has happened since World War 11.
And many of us were not around for that.
But here we are today.
Would Blind Freddy have predicted it?
What I do know is that God knew.
How do I know?
Well, all I can say is I believe.
I believe in a God who does see everything before it happens
And I believe in a God who uses everything that happens to bring life.
Those who were with JESUS that day saw the blind man and wanted to know whose sin caused the man to be blind.
JESUS response I am sure shocked them because even Blind Freddy would not have seen it coming.
“No sin caused this,”, JESUS said.
Rather he was blind so the power of god could be seen in him.
I am the Light of the World.”

God less you

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