Learning from the Tower and the Virus.

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In a previous church I spent 2 and a half years looking through the Old Testament Sunday by Sunday. Sometimes we went through many weeks on one book, other times we spent just one Sunday.

And on Thursday night the men of the church would gather together and offer their cents worth of understanding. But the thing that came out of the discussions we men had was this: There is nothing new. What they did back then, we are still doing today.

Which brings me to Genesis chapter 11
It’s the story of the building of a huge city and an even bigger tower within the city It was to be a monument to greatness as the Discipleship Bible Reading Notes tell us.

But there was a problem. I mean there were some good points. People decided to cooperate on this venture. That is always a good thing.

Look at the Covid-19 virus. People from all over the world are working together to come up with a solution, a remedy, a vaccine, and that’s great.

These people who built the Tower were innovative tower builders, but they did not master life itself. They thought they were invincible, supreme, self made men who could do anything.

Sounds like people today, doesn’t it. But and here’s the thing.

Buildings do not epitomise the meaning of life.

Life cannot be conquered or controlled by a tall tower. They didn’t get it and neither, sometimes do we.

No matter how great or impressive our own accomplishments are, we are still mortal and thus limited by our own humanity.

But God, well, He is not mortal or human, and therefore, is able to do abundantly more than we could even hope for or dream of.

As we allow God to take His rightful position in our lives so life becomes so much richer for us all.

God bless you

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