You matter!

Just Who Are These People? 

Walk to Emmaus: Orsi, Lelio, 1511-1587:
Walk to Emmaus

Ever found youself in this position?
The story you are hearing is crazy ….amazing even but the players …..
well, they seem to be nobody’s. 

OK, Quick Quiz:

Question 1. What was the name of one of the characters in the story of
JESUS and the Road to Damascus?
No peaking. You cannot look up the answer

Now, Question 2: What was the name of the other character?
(and I don’t mean JESUS)

The two characters, and one of them is named Clopas, were obviously part of
the group, who met with the Apostles in the Upper Room.
They were two of the followers of Jesus
How did they get to be followers (disciples)?
We don’t know.

In fact this is the only story about them.
We don’t know who they are or where they came from (Emmaus perhaps) or
what their relationship with JESUS was.

Now, here’s the thing.
JESUS still managed to find time to meet with them and share a few hours on
part of their 11km walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus.
They were important enough for JESUS to do that.
How were they important? What was so special about them that they got a
special invite to see the risen Lord JESUS?

Good questions and here’s the thing: There was nothing important about
them except that JESUS loved them and thought it important for Him to
connect with them in the way He did.

How often I hear people tell me that JESUS is too busy to be interested in
me, or He’s got so many other people to care for and I don’t have any problems.
I think we miss the point.

We recognise that on that first Easter Day, JESUS went out of His way to
meet with Mary Magdalene, and I suppose we could see that might have
been an important encounter after all that Mary had been through.
But then she was a woman and women did not count in those days.
How many women were fed at the Feeding of the Five Thousand?
We don’t know, because in the scheme of things in those days they didn’t matter.

But here, the first person that JESUS sees after He rises from the dead is a woman. Wow.
And the next people He sees are two folk who perhaps had decided that it
was time to go home.

“Nothing good can come out of JESUS now. . . .”

They were wrong and JESUS proved it to them and they were strangely warmed by His presence.

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us ….”

So what am I trying to say?
What is the point of all this?


It doesn’t matter who you are, God has got time for you ….plenty of time
You matter! ………. And you matter to God.
Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
God bless you,


TINTORETTO - Magdalena penitente (Musei Capitolini, Roma, 1598-1602)
Mary Magdalene

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