I Am the Gate

John chapter 10 is one of my favourite passages from the Bible.
It continually reminds me of just how precious we are to God and to what pains He went to ensure we are in His care
But this week I discovered something new.
So here’s the thing
Never stop reading the passages of scripture you know so well.
Instead, read them and look for something new that Jesus might be offering you.
You will be surprised at how much you discover that’s new to you For me, it was the proclamation by Jesus that He was the gate.
As I said I had read out before many times but this week it became something new.
To realise that Jesus is the entry to freedom, life, hope and all the other things we yearn for in this life.
Yes Jesus protects us from the enemy who would want to ravage us in the compound.
But He is not just protecting us
For, as we step into the world, we step out through Jesus.
He opens this world up to us to see things He sees.
Jesus is the key to our living in the world
He shows us what He is seeing
He invites us to be involved in what He is doing
He empowers us with His love and power to touch lives, heal hurts and bring new life.
Never let the devil convince you that you are useless, either because of your sin and guilt or because you are just hopeless
That is not how Jesus sees you
If you have invited Him in, the Holy Spirit lives INSIDE you and will direct you into bringing new life.
Enjoy this week
Enjoy the opportunities God places before you, for there will be many opportunities to bless, even in this time of social isolation.
And prepare for it is amazing how God can give you opportunities to bless even today,

God bless you,


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