A New Normal

Most of us are looking forward to getting back to normal ~ life as it was.
But, have we stopped and considered what does God want?
What is He looking for?

Does He want us to just return to life as it was prior to this pandemic? Is He happy if we do this or is He looking for a ‘new normal’.
Is He satisfied with the way we relate to him?
Is there another way?

Our readings this morning, especially from 1 Peter and James chapter 1 encourage us to see things differently.
Rather than going back to what we had, should we not be going forward.

But, what might we not like about that prospect?
In the next few weeks we will unpack this thought, but I encourage you now to begin to think about what life could be after the pandemic has passed.
God didn’t cause this virus, but He did allow it.
What are His plans for you?
Are you prepared and game enough to ask Him?
Difficulties and pain and sickness draw us back to the One who has the power to change our circumstances.
But at what cost to us might that happen?
In the words of a Chinese Christian, ‘Persecution is the enemy’s second best tactic; his best is materialism….Christians have thrived under persecution, but have often struggled with prosperity.’
What are we prepared to give up in order that others might find JESUS for their lives?
Lots of questions this morning, questions I hope will cause us to think about what being a Christians in Australia at this time should be like. Lord JESUS, help us to be the people You created us to be, in JESUS name we pray, Amen

God bless you


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