Living Stones

Here’s a picture I took a few years back while in Eire.
Have a good look, a really good look:

Stone Wall, Eire (Ron French)

The stones make up a wall and the wall protects what is inside that wall.
But did you notice?
Not all the stones are the same.
There are long ones, short ones, wide one, thin ones.
But and here’s the thing:
When these stones are put together they make a wall that is strong and sturdy. Peter calls us living stones. (1 Peter 2)
He is of course referring to Christians and to the church.
This organisation that God created. ………
Hang on!
Wait a minute!
God did not create an organisation.
He created a movement, a very real presence of Himself in the world.
Isn’t it funny that two centuries later it would look more like a corporation than a movement.
I suppose humans could not help themselves.
In an endeavour to provide a basis for this ever growing church, they made rules and regulations and lo and behold the church as we have it today.
Most of it is hierarchal ~ that is the boss is at the top, but even in the ones like ours where it is more democratic, it still is not like what God envisaged.
And to ad to that, the one who should be at the top, (God Himself) is often not. No wonder we have fallen into disrepute by the masses who see us as archaic, and out of date and flawed.

But there is still hope.
All we have to do is keep our eyes on God and He leads us in wonder and excitement as He chooses to use us to bring life.
We are living stones.
When we join together and allow the Lord JESUS to be our strength and the Holy Spirit to be our counsellor, our advisor, our director, we do bring life in all its fullness to those who need it most ~ the ones whom JESUS loves.


Isn’t that all of us

God bless you

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