Coloured Stones

A few years ago while looking for ideas for our next overseas trip I came across a most interesting photo of coloured stones
And I was drawn to it.
I found out that these stones appeared in waterways of the Glacier national Park in Montana USA.
Last year I got to see them up close.
And they were just as I had anticipated.
Stones of all shapes and sizes and of all colours too.

Which lead me to think about the living stones of 1 Peter.
It’s hard to get your head around the fact that God knows (really knows) the heart and mind of every human on the planet.
He’s not like us.
We can only know about 150 names of people and then, when the 151st person comes along, to remember that name, one of the
150 names has to drop off.
But not God.
He knows all of us, the rough stones, the long stones, the red stones, the yellow stones, the grey stones.
He knows us all.
And we are all precious to Him.
And …. and here’s the thing: Are you able to imagine that not only does God know you intimately, He also has a plan dovetailed to your life?
Most of us do not give that a thought.
Life for us is at best an aimless wondering, always seeking for the best road ahead.
While God, in His love for us, does not force us to follow His ways (oh how we wish that sometimes He might) He still invites us to journey with Him and discover what it is that he has planned for us.
You know, no matter how old we are, it is still not too late to hop on His bandwagon and travel with Him.
There is still time for us to discover new opportunities and blessings that we can have at His hand.

Do not put off today what you might regret later on.

God bless you,

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