Has God got your attention?

I don’t know if you have realised it yet but He is calling out your name. Yes, the gentle still small voice is calling out to you.

God does go to extraordinary lengths to capture our attention.

Remember, with Paul, the writer of many of the letters in the Bible, He used a lightning bolt.
One must assume Paul was a little hard of hearing when God had to go to great effort to secure his attention.
What about you?
What does God need to get you to turn around?

Many of us, I suppose, think that God is not really interested in us, or, perhaps, He has many more important people that He needs to converse with.
Why would God want to talk with me?
Well, and here’s the thing.
God loves you!

You are important to Him

So important, that He went to the Cross for you.
That is He suffered and died for you.
He was willing to do that for you so that you might be free.
We take freedom for granted in Australia, but in other parts of the world, the kind of freedom God brings, is costly, very costly indeed.

JESUS did tell His followers that they should weigh up the cost before following Him. But to know God, to revel in the understanding that He loves you ….the supreme being of the Universe .. the creator of the Universe … loves you.

He knows your name
He knows all about you
He even knows all your faults, (all of them) and he still loves you.
But wait …….. There’s more!
Today we celebrate the coming of God’s Holy Spirit, to live inside people.
Yes, a part of God can live in you, encouraging you, supporting you, leading you in ways and places you might never have gone if you were by yourself.
But with God in you, you have the ability to touch lives and heal hurts and bring new life and hope.
Christianity is not waiting for the pie in the sky when you die.
Christianity is about bringing life and hope and purpose today.
And this isn’t an age thing.
It’s not just for the young, it is also for the older folk.
It’s available to us all.
Guess what?
If you have read this piece this morning, then I have to say, thank you, for God has got your attention.
Now it’s time to listen, and then, with the blessing He has given you, it is time for you to LIVE!
God bless you

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