We are on a mission and the race is on

So what are you?
When you walk do you go faster up hill or downhill?
The climb is always the hardest but there are folk who are determined to get there with all their strength, and then, when they are over the top, they like to cruise.
On the other hand there are folk who let the pedal out when they are on the downhill run.
They zoom, but the up hill is a battle.
They struggle to reach the top.

Life is a lot like up hill and down dale. How do you manage the race.

One thing is for sure.
It sure is an amazing race … but unlike the tv series, it never ends.
When one section is finished the next one is ready to go.
It can be tiring.
It can be frustrating
It can be lonely
But this morning let me remind you that you do not run this race alone. God is with you.
God is in you.
He is there for you
Sometimes, in our tiredest moments we wonder where He is
We look around us and all we see is difficulty.
The writer of psalm 8 helps us here by suggesting instead of looking at ourselves and our condition, we look outward at all that God has made for us.
Yes, its not perfect … but then, He did make it perfect
It was us that changed it.

But the point still remains. He made it perfect for us Enjoy your day!
Enjoy the ride!

It will be worth it when you and God do it together.

God bless you Ron

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