A Cup Of Cold Water To The Least Of These

glass of cold water

It’s such a lovely thought and simple too.
But yet, to those who have nothing, it is more than they could ever imagine.
So JESUS lets us know that if we offer that cup of cold water to the least of one of His followers we will receive a reward.

Now, there are a few thoughts about that.
The first and the least important of these is the reward.
Most of us have grown up in Australia looking forward to Christmas and birthdays, because they were the time we received presents.
But I don’t think JESUS is thinking about presents here.

I sense that what He is on about is what He gives best …a blessing.
The Oxford dictionary says blessings are God’s favour and protection
In other words, for you to go out of your way to make sure that someone receives that cup of cold water to replenish their body and soul, is a special event as far as God is concerned.
And you will not be forgotten for that.

But perhaps, more important here than reward, is the question of just who is the one who is the least of His followers.
Is that someone who is poor, down and out or destitute.
Or is that someone who is just barely getting it altogether, in their quest to follow JESUS.
In the world’s scheme of things people who are on the bottom are not important.
Those, who are at the top, and make a difference in the world, why, they are the important ones.
The world pays lots for those who are the leaders in business and indeed, while the Uniting Church is not a lead from the top church, we recognise the importance of a Moderator in the Synod and a President in the Assembly.

We look upon to them for leadership and guidance.
We listen to them.

But what of the nobody?

Do they have anything to offer or contribute?
Look around your church and ask yourself, is there someone here who is easily forgotten that I could bless and honour today by offering them a cup of cold water or an encouragement?
Do that and a reward is guaranteed by God.

And in part, at least, the reward is the satisfaction you feel at having done what JESUS has asked of you

God bless you today

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