Wheat or Weeds

‘I’m not sure’ is often the answer I get to ‘are you going to heaven?’
And, if it’s ‘I’m not sure’ it is ‘I hope so’.
Why are people so unsure about their destiny?

And here’s the thing;
Fear, guilt, shame will always cloud your understanding.
These emotions play havoc with us.
They weigh us down.
At Bible study this week I asked the question, did satan do the right thing for him, in getting JESUS up there on the cross?’
The answer is NO!
For, on the cross JESUS defeated the devil at his own game.
So satan changed tactics and he began to harass those who followed JESUS in such a way that the followers of JESUS began to believe him.
He pounded us (and he still does) with doubt, so that the followers of JESUS are unsure about their salvation.
But, and here’s another thing: in this story this morning JESUS, (as the farmer) calls the workers to not touch the wheat and the weeds until it is time for the harvest.
They can be pulled up together and then separated.
But the thing about the story is the wheat and the weeds are examples of humankind,.
But unlike wheat and weeds, humans can change
The weeds can decide to be wheat.
You might be surprised at who you find in heaven, when you get there, because, it is not about how good you are, it is ALL about whether you say YES to JESUS.
And when you say YES to JESUS, He says YES to you

Now, let me ask you, are you going to heaven?

God bless you,


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