The Joys of JESUS

Ever thought JESUS was a funny man?
He loves making people laugh.
He has this whimsical playfulness about him.
It makes you want to smile.
And these stories of JESUS this morning should bring wide grins on your dial. A little seed, a bit of yeast, a hidden treasure, a brilliant pearl and a net full of fish, are all illustrations of the Kingdom of Heaven.
For some of these you will have to stumble across them because they are hidden.
And the others, well, you will have to search carefully.

So what are you looking for in your life?
Let me tell you what God is looking for?
And He will go to great lengths to find you, and, in so doing, show you how to find Him.

And, along the journey, He will take you, (that is, if you are prepared to follow Him) on some amazing adventures.
He will show you His love.
He will help you discover His joy

And you will bless others as you continue to follow Him
Your life may be hard.
There will be some difficulties but as you persevere, you will discover new hope and vitality.
You will be used to draw others to new found joy
And you will be satisfied.
You will be filled.

The God, who loves you passionately, will provide
He will be there for you.
He’s got your back and He will lead from the front.
Wherever He calls you to go, He will be there before you get there preparing your way.

You can count on Him.

Now, what are you looking for, in your life?


God bless you,


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